Seals and Gasket Solutions That Your Engineering Team Can Rely On

United Seal & Rubber manufactures stock and custom-made rubber, sealing and EMI/RFI shielding products

  • Fast response to RFQs
  • Quality products that conform to specs
  • Expert knowledge to assist you in every step of the way

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Gaskets & Seals for Multiple Industries

Customize your own design to suit your production needs. We will vulcanize or die-cut to your specifications using state of the art techniques.



Custom Design Assistance

Engineer + Design support teams through Parker are willing to assist you by making sure you find the product that perfectly suits your project’s needs.



Authorized Parker Seal Distributor and Fabricator

United Seal is proud to be an Authorized Parker Seal & Chomerics Distributor – Fabricator, thus making sure you get the best products available for your exact application.


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A Trusted Source For Your Sealing Solutions:

Pay the Right Price

Our highly standardized processes help us deliver you the right product at the right cost every time.

Avoid Production Delays

We have a team of engineers and designers that understand the pressures of the industry and the importance of deadlines.

No Performance Failures

We hold both ISO 9001 and AS9001 certifications. We know gaskets – engineer with us a product you can rely on, and prevent seal failure.

"Wow, we didn’t even have to beg them to start trying to find a solution... This is one supplier that wants to work with us to find a solution."

Jerry, Management
Lockheed Martin

"Whatever parts he suggest we test first, we test first. I have absolute confidence in his knowledge of rubber products."

D.P.,Design Engineer

"We are taking the time to make a phone call to the team of United Seal and Rubber Company. We are making the call to recognize United Seal & Rubber for outstanding delivery and quality performance."

John,Vice President

United Seal, The Only Gaskets And Seals Partner You Will Ever Need:


We Stand Behind our Products – 100% Guarantee

We will provide products to your exact specs. In the rare event that you reject the product because it didn’t meet a tolerance, we will replace all of the product or issue you a credit.


Leave the Labor-Intensive Assembly Kits to Us

If your company has labor-intensive assembly processes that are inefficient, United Seal & Rubber just might be the outsourcing solution you need to focus more on your core business. This will allow your company to achieve better utilization of precious human resources. Over the years, we have gathered experience in assembling all types of kits and items for the US Army, Lockheed Martin, Ingersoll Rand, among others. Let us show you how this can be a cost savings for you.


Never Run Out With Our Stock Inventory Delivered – Just-In-Time

Whether we are producing a custom piece for you or you are getting a standard product,we can hold just the right amount of inventory so you don’t run out of your critical component and you can run your production process smoothly. We’re here to eliminate stress and make your job easier.

Designing And Producing
A High Performance
Gasket Or Seal

All you need to know about gasket & seal making:

  • Design & Environmental Considerations
  • Material Selection & Specs
  • Production And Testing
  • And more…
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