Your Customized Sealing Solution is Here

When working on your engineering project, you often find that your ideal seal or gasket isn’t in the market. Our custom sealing solution is the answer for you.

We will create the part to fit your design, ensuring a quality that USR will stand behind.

All your have to do is send over your request. With our quick RFQ, you will waste no time waiting and will be sure to meet your deadline.

Request a Free Quote

We will work with you to create a custom part for your application. You can expect from us a quality product. This is our quality guarantee!

After we receive your RFQ we will review the needs of your request.

If we have questions or concerns, we will contact you to address them.If not, we will send you an acknowledgement of the RFQ.

We will then submit the quote and keep in touch with your during the process for updates.

We follow up within 24 hours of submitting the quote.

Examples of custom seals and gaskets we’ve done:

Custom lathe cut parts

custom gasket1


Lathe Cut Press-in-Place

custom gasket2

Pay the Right Price

Our highly standardized processes help us deliver you the right product at the right cost every time.

Avoid Production Delays

We have a team of engineers and designers that understand the pressures of the industry and the importance of deadlines.

No Performance Failures

We hold both ISO 9001 and AS9001 certifications. We know gaskets – engineer with us a product you can rely on, and prevent gasket failure.