Fluid Power Seals--electric motors--Parker Rod Seals

Parker Rod Seals

Parker Rod Seals Parker offers a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic rod seal profiles to meet the broad demands

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O-ring Overview--Parker O-rings & O-ring Products--Parker Polypak Seals

Parker Polypak Seals

Parker Polypak Seals PolyPaks are multi-purpose seals that are precision molded, multi-purpose sealing devices combining an O-Ring type O-Spring with

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Fluid Power Seals--electric motors--ProTech WD Bearing Isolators

ProTech WD Bearing Isolators

ProTech WD Bearing Isolators Innovative design provides 100% exclusion Parker’s Hannifin’s innovative ProTech WD provides superior bearing protection on wash down motors,

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Fluid Power Seals--Parker Fluid Power, Rotary & PTFE Seals--Cassete Seal

Cassete Seal

Cassette Seal Parker cassette seals deliver durable sealing reliability in demanding applications. These complex rotary seals are used in harsh

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Fluid Power Seals--Parker Fluid Power, Rotary & PTFE Seals--Tadpole Tapes

Tadpole Tapes

Tadpole Tapes Tadpole tapes are resilient and non- absorbent, flame-resistant gasketing materials. They are especially suited for applications requiring sealing

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Fluid Power Seals--Parker Fluid Power, Rotary & PTFE Seals--Resilon Polyurethane Families

Resilon Polyurethane Families

Resilon Polyurethane Families Parker’s proprietary Resilon polyurethane delivers unequalled resilience, strength, and thermal stability -- translating into superior sealing performance

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Lathe Cuts & Extrusions--Custom Extruded Gaskets--Hollow-D Profile Extruded Seals

Hollow-D Profile Extruded Seals

Hollow-D Profile Extruded Seals Parker’s extruded and spliced hollow-D seals provide effective low-closure-force sealing without a machined or cast groove. Major advantages

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Parker H- Seals

Parker H- Seals Greater seal pressure with redundant sealing beads and retention capabilities. Parker H-Seal™ molded seals can be used in molded or machined

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Parker Thred Seal

Parker Thred Seal ThredSeals are safe and reliable seals for threaded devices. They are self-centering and non-directional, designed to seal directly against

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Paker Stat-O-Seals

Paker Stat-O-Seals Stat-O-Seals offer users long and reliable service, a high degree of reusability and easy assembly. The Stat-O-Seal’s unique

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Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Metal Jacketed Gaskets Parker Metal-Jacketed Gaskets are a practical answer to the problem of circular or non-circular sealing problems. This

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Parker Lock-O-Seals™

Parker Lock-O-Seals™ 800 Series Lock-O-Seals Applications Seal beneath the head of a fastener Separately molded O-ring fitted within a surrounding

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High Volume Gask-O-Seals

High Volume Gask-O-Seals Gask-O-Seals: engineered for high performance, and now manufactured for high volume Applications Parker’s high volume Gask-O-Seals solve

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