6Overmolded Products--Integrated Sealing Systems--Drop-in-place seals

Drop-In-Place Seals

Drop-In-Place Seals Each drop-in-place seal is designed with the application in mind, taking into consideration the material and manufacturing process of the mating surfaces

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Lathe Cuts & Extrusions--Custom Extruded Gaskets--Compression Limited Gaskets

Compression Limited Gaskets

Compression Limited Gaskets ParFab Gaskets are extruded and spliced seals containing ridged grommets that limit compression during assembly. The grommets are positioned to accommodate

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High Volume Gask-O-Seals

High Volume Gask-O-Seals Gask-O-Seals: engineered for high performance, and now manufactured for high volume Applications Parker’s high volume Gask-O-Seals solve

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