Fabric -Over-Foam Soft Shield 5000 Strip

SOFT-SHIELD® 5000 Series gaskets offer a low cost and high performance EMI gasketing solution for commercial electronic systems. The high reliability conductive fabric over foam core construction provides a cost effective alternative to beryllium copper or stainless steel fingerstock EMI gaskets.

Product Highlights:

  • Low closure force required for optimum performance.
  • Provides shielding effectiveness over 90 dB from 10 MHz to 10 GHz.
  • Silver nickel-plated, woven, ripstop nylon jacket over highly compressible urethane foam core.

Applications for these conductive fabric over urethane foam core gaskets include; commercial electronic enclosures, medical electronics and general industrial applications. The variety of available cross-section profiles allow for very low closure forces, thus offering a minimization of the number of necessary fasteners for easy, user friendly installation, without an effect to shielding effectiveness. Cut-to-length strips of gasket are self terminating thereby enhancing the reliability of the application. The urethane foam core has excellent compressibility making the gasket material especially attractive for thin-walled plastic enclosures. Gaskets are offered standard with a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating.

Product Features:

  •  Low closure force required for optimum performance.
  •  Provides shielding effectiveness over 90 dB from 10 MHz to 10 GHz.
  • Silver nickel-plated, woven, ripstop nylon jacket over highly compressible urethane foam core.
  • Supplied standard with a pressure sensitive acrylic based adhesive (PSA)
  • Self terminating jacket – no loose fibers or sharp edges when gasket is cut.
  • No degradation of shielding effectiveness after 10,000 deflection cycles.
  • Supplied in standard 8 foot lengths in multiple cross section styles including rectangular, square, D-shape, C-fold, astragel, P-shape, triangular, and knife-edge with rigid inserts. Custom profiles are also possible.
  • Available as kiss-cut parts on polyester film release liner for -peel and stick applications. • Available as individual pre-cut pieces .
  • Single-piece -picture frame gaskets can also be fabricated from continuous lengths, incorporating integral pre-cut notches. • UL 94V-0 rated. • RoHS & REACH compliant

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