High Power Thermally Conductive Dielectric Insulated Pads

High Power Thermally Conductive Dielectric Insulated Pads

CHO-THERM® HIGH-POWER THERMAL INSULATOR PADS are thermally conductive materials designed for use where the highest possible thermal, dielectric, and mechanical properties are required. Fiberglass cloth reinforcement strengthens CHO-THERM® pads against tear, cut-through and punctures. These materials are available in sheet form and die-cut configurations. An optional acrylic adhesive layer (with PSA) is available on one or two sides. With a proven track record spanning several decades in multiple applications, these products are the first choice for high-end power supplies, industrial, aerospace, and military/avionics applications. Available in several different forms to suit various applications.

Product Highlights:

  • Meets RoHS specifications
  • Extremely low NASA outgassing
  • Acrylic PSA attachment option available

Features / Benefits

  • Excellent thermal properties
  • High dielectric strength
  • Excellent mechanical strength and puncture resistance
  • 100% inspected for dielectric properties on every sheet
  • Acrylic PSA attachment option available
  • UL recognized flammability ratings
  • Meets RoHS specifications
  • Extremely low NASA outgassing
  • Proven through decades of use in demanding military and aerospace applications

Typical Applicationsigh temperature Gasket--Thermal Interface Materials--High Power Thermally Conductive Dielectric Insulated Pads 2

  • Power conversion equipment
  • Power supplies and UPS
  • Power semiconductors
  • Automotive electronics
  • Motor and engine controllers
  • Televisions and consumer electronics

igh temperature Gasket--Thermal Interface Materials--High Power Thermally Conductive Dielectric Insulated Pads 1

Product Attributes T500

  • Best thermal performance
  • Excellent dielectric properties


  • Highest reliability in rigorous applications
  • Proven in aerospace/defense applications


  • Economically-priced
  • Low thermal impedance


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