High Volume Gask-O-Seals

Gask-O-Seals: engineered for high performance, and now manufactured for high volume


Parker’s high volume Gask-O-Seals solve some unique sealing problems. Typical applications include:

  • Gear box seals
  • Air management systems
  • Fuel systems
  • Compressors
  • Pumps

Gask-O-Seals: engineered for high performance, and now manufactured for high volume

These volume/void seal products consist of a metal carrier plate with an elastomeric sealing element molded directly into the groove. Gask-O-Seals have a long track record of successfully meeting the needs of a variety of complex sealing applications.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Sealing element precisely and permanently molded in place, allowing for ease of assembly
  • Limited area of seal exposure to fluid attack protects the elastomer and provides longer life
  • Can be visually inspected to verify proper assembly
  • No retorquing required due to metal to metal contact
  • Secondary machining in mating hardware is not required to reduce hardware costs
  • Reduced flange load, due to point loading of seal, permits reduced flange thickness, smaller bolts and smaller bolt circle
  • Parts in assembly


Features such as fluid passages can be integrated into the Gask-O-Seal metal carrier, thereby eliminating time consuming and expensive machining of mating hardware

High Volume Gask-O-Seals

Traditionally, Gask-O-Seal grooves are machined into  the metal carrier. For low production volumes, this

is a cost effective way to manufacture. However, as  production volumes increase, other manufacturing

options become more attractive. The CSS Division  has developed several cost effective, innovative  manufacturing processes for high volume Gask-O-Seal production.

Typical Applications

Parker’s high volume Gask-O-Seals solve some unique sealing problems. Typical applications include:


  • Gear box seals
  • Air management systems
  • Fuel systems
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Oil systems
  • Water and cooling systems
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)


Metal-Gaskets-and-Seals-Gask-O-Seals-Parker-Gask-O-Seal-specsThe stamped Gask-O-Seal retainer was developed from  high speed, low cost manufacturing methods.The design does not involve secondary machining or other supplementary processing steps which add cost. And, it is available in a wide variety of elastomers and seal styles.

Stamped Slot Retainer

Metal-Gaskets-and-Seals-Gask-O-Seals-Parker-Gask-O-Seal-specsThe stamped slot retainer is very similar in performance to the stamped groove, but the rubber is continuous all the way through at the slot. This allows thinner retainers to be used while keeping the highest crown height possible, making the seal more forgiving for out of flat and out of parallel conditions

Die Cast

Metal-Gaskets-and-Seals-Gask-O-Seals-Parker-Gask-O-Seal-specsFor many demanding high volume applications, metal die cast represents a good substrate choice. It also makes a good foundation for our Gask-O-Seal. With a variety of metal carrier and seal materials to choose from, the die cast Gask-O-Seal can be configured to handle the rigors of any high pressure application.

Powdered Metal

Metal-Gaskets-and-Seals-Gask-O-Seals-Parker-Gask-O-Seal-specsFor high volume applications where it is possible to use a single sided Gask-O-Seal, powdered metal represents a possible option as the metal substrate. As a low cost metal fabrication method, powdered metal is pressed into the desired shape, and then sintered in an oven to make it impact resistant and strong. The result is a low cost Gask-O-Seal.

More Than Manufacturing

Metal-Gaskets-and-Seals-Gask-O-Seals-Parker-Gask-O-Seal-specsParker’s Composite Sealing Systems Division is a leading supplier of bonded sealing products to the aerospace, military, transportation, semiconductor and commercial/industrial markets.

In addition to its innovative line of sealing products, CSS offers a wide range of support tools. Including; a dedicated product and applications engineering staff and finite element analysis (FEA), which includes material characterization and a material and product testing laboratory.

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