Parker Piston Seals

Parker offers the most comprehensive range of piston seals in the market today.  A variety of profiles such as lip seals, cap seals and squeeze seals are manufactured from proprietary rubber, thermoplastic and PTFE compounds to meet the broad demands of the fluid power industry.  The highest quality materials and manufacturing processes are utilized to ensure the best performance possible.  Parker’s piston seal profiles are available for both uni-directional and bi-directional applications.  When combined with wear rings, Parker piston seals have proven to provide long life and leak free performance.

SL Profile, Dual Compound Dual Lip Seal

Parker’s SL profile is considered a multiple lip seal. The primary sealing lip is provided by the precision knife trimmed rubber element that snaps into the Molythane® base. The base of the SL profile provides the secondary lip which is aligned directly below the primary lip to provide extrusion, and wear resistance.

US Profile, Symmetrical u-cup seal

The Parker US profile is a symmetrical, beveled lip u-cup designed for use in hydraulic cylinder applications.  The symmetrical shape allows interchangeability between rod and piston applications.  A precision knife trimming process is utilized to create the beveled sealing lips.  This ensures that the inside and outside diameter sealing edges provide excellent fluid wiping action.

8400 Profile, Light Load U-cup with Beveled Lips;

8400 Profile, Light Load U-cup with Scraped Lips;

Parker’s 8400 and 8500 Series u-cups are symmetrical lip seals for use in either rod or piston sealing applications.  The thin, flexible lip design reacts to low pressure and provides an extremely smooth, steady movement with less break away force required because of the inherent low friction.  Both the 8400 and 8500 u-cups are produced from the same molds.

AN6226 Profile, Industrial, Standard, Light Load Rubber U-cups

Parker’s AN6226 Style u-cups have a square format where the nominal cross section is equal to the height.  Although widely used in the fluid power industry for low friction pneumatics, this profile was originally designed for early aircraft and ordnance service.

Spiral Vee Rings, Cut to Size Chevron Packing

Parker Spiral Vee rings are precision formed rubber and combination rubber/fabric sealing products designed to protect equipment from leakage and costly down time.

 BP profile, Premium TPU Cap Seal

Parker’s BP profile is a squeeze type, bi-directional piston seal for use in medium to heavy duty hydraulic applications. This seal is primarily designed for linear applications but has been successfully used as a low speed rotary seal. The standard material for this profile is Resilon® 4304 polyurethane, compound P4304.

PSP Profile, TPU Piston Cap Seal

Parker’s PSP seal is a squeeze type, bi-directional piston seal for use in light to medium duty hydraulic applications. Available from proprietary Parker polyurethanes, the PSP offers low friction, abrasion and extrusion resistance. The nitrile elastomer energizer ensures resistance to compression set to increase seal life.

CC Profile, High Pressure Split Cap Piston Seal

Parker’s CC profile, also known as the ChemCast® seal, is a bi-directional piston seal designed for heavy duty applications.  The CC profile design consists of a self-lubricated, glass reinforced, heat- stabilized, thermoplastic O.D. sealing ring that is energized by a flexible, oval shape, energizer.

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