Thermal Greases

Chomerics thermal greases offer a range of performance covering the simplest to the most demanding thermal requirements. These materials are screened, stenciled or dispensed and require virtually no compressive force to conform under typical assembly pressures.

The excellent surface wetting results in low interfacial resistance.

  • T670 is offered with a very high bulk thermal conductivity of 3 W/m-K. Product offers low impedance as it will achieve a thin bondline of about 0.001 in.
  • T660 contains solder fillers for extremely low thermal impedance at thinner bondline thicknesses (down to about 0.001in.).
  • T650 is a general duty grease for typical applications.


  • Silicone based materials conduct heat between a hot component and a heat sink or enclosure
  • Fills interface variable tolerances in electronics assemblies and heat sink applications
  • Dispensable, highly conformable materials require no cure cycle, mixing or refrigeration
  • Thermally stable and require virtually no compressive force to deform under typical assembly pressures
  • Supports high power applications requiring material with minimum bond line thickness and high conductivity
  • Ideal for rework and field repair situations

Typical Applications

  • Mobile, desktop, server CPUs
  • Engine and transmission control modules
  • Memory modules
  • Power conversion equipment
  • Power supplies and UPS
  • Power semiconductors

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Product Attributes

T670 Highest Thermal Performance

  • High bulk thermal conductivity
  • Extremely low thermal impedance at thin and thick bondline thicknesses
  • Stencil screen printed part application

T660 High Performance

  • Dispersed solder spheres for high performance applications above 62°C
  • Excellent thin bondline performance (less than 0.002 – 0.003 in)

T650 General Duty

  • Used on general purpose applications

Material Application


Material is supplied in 3, 15 or 30cc syringes for easy dispensing onto components or heat sinks. Bulk packaging is also available. Excess material can be wiped with a clean cloth and suitable solvent.


Packaging the same as T650. For optimum performance, the processor should be allowed to reach temperatures greater than 65ºC (149°F). This causes the solder fillers to melt and conform to the mating surfaces, obtaining a minimum bondline thickness at the interface. This process only needs to occur one time to achieve optimum thermal performance of the grease.


T670 high performance thermal grease is supplied in easy access metal cans or pails. Mix with a spatula and remove the desired amount onto the component or stencil screen. Stencil desired pad part size onto heat sink for immediate assembly or shipping.


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